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Learn more about our Insurers and their underwriters. Find contact information for our Insurers. Download Age Forms, Sick forms, Policies and more.

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Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently asked Questions that we get from our customers. If you have a question please contact us using our Contact Us Form.

Our Insurers
Who are your Insurers?
Our Insurers are Aussie Travel Cover (ATC), Comprehensive Holiday Insurance (CHI), and Suresave . They are amongst Australias premier Insurers and all offer Cheap Travel Insurance for Australians and Visitors to Australia.

Where can I download Application Forms, Policies and Insurer information?
To download an application form you must use the Travel Insurance Australia Policy finder to select the policy type you want. This is because the application form is generated by the details you provide whilst searching for your Cheap Travel Insurance.

To download Policies and Medical forms use the insurer links to to bottom right of this page. Click on the logo of the Insurer who you wish to get the document from.


Travel Insurance Types
What types of Travel Insurance do you sell?
We sell the following types of travel insurance
International Travel Insurance - Cheap Travel Insurance For Australians Travelling Overseas with maximum cover and maximum benefits for peace of mind. Varying levels of cover are available depending upon the area/s you are travelling through during your trip.
Australian Domestic Travel Insurance - Travel Insurance for Australians and Visitors to Australia travelling within Australia. Also some cover is available for cruising ships in Australian Waters.
Business Traveller Travel Insurance - For Australians who Travel for their work often duting the year. Extra Cover for your Business equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, etc.
Frequent Traveller Travel Insurance - For Australians who Travel like to jet set. Allowing for multi trips throughout the year, saving you money by only requiring the purchase of one policy.
Budget and Backpackers Travel Insurance - The bare essentials insurance for low budget travellers with few belongings.
Mature Age Travel Insurance (up to 85 years of Age immediately and older upon application) - For the elderly traveller who wants the peace of mind knowing they are going to be looked after if something should go wrong.
Visitors to Australia Travel Insurance - For Non Australians who are coming to Australia for 24 hours or more during their trip. Travel Insurance is available providing you are yet to arrive in Australia or have only been here for a maximum of 21 days.
Corporate Travel Insurance - Large Corporations can cover all their employees with substantial savings.
Group Travel Insurance - Groups of people travelling together can get Cheap Travel Insurance with more discounts per traveller. Minimum group size is 5 travellers.
Cancellation Travel Insurance - Just in case something happens and the trip is cancelled, this insurance can help recouperate your costs.
Budget, Rescue and Medical Travel Insurance - Bare basics medical cover for those who travellers who want to make sure that medically they are going to be taken care of.


Eligibility for Travel Insurance

What Travel Insurance polcies can I purchase?
Travel Insurance for Australians - All Australian Citizens and resident living in Australia who are elgible for a medicare card can purchase Cheap travel Insurance from the Australian section of our web site.

Visitors to Australia Travel Insurance - Travellers coming to Australia who are yet to arrive here, or who have been in Australia for a maximum of 21 days can purchase Cheap travel Insurance from our Visitors / Non Residents section.

Not Coming to Australia and not an /Australian citizen then you can purchase insurance from our list of qualtity affiliate insurers.

Do you have an upper age limit on who you can cover?
Most companies offer International Travel Insurance policies for travellers up to the age of 85 years.
Travel Insurance is also available to travellers past 85 years on request.
For domestic, corporate and Visitors to Australia policies there are normally Age restrictions imposed. Again, if you Contact Us we will try to arrange Travel Insurance for you through our Insurers where possible.


Purchasing a Travel Insurance policy
What currency are your prices in?
All Travel Insurance prices are in Austrlian Dollars.

What do I have to do to purchase a policy?
1. Use our Cheap Travel Insurance finder to locate the policy you want.
2. Print out, complete and sign any Medical forms or Age forms you were asked to download during the policy finding process.
3. Print out, complete and sign the application form.
4. Fax or post or scan in and email your application and any other forms to us.
Processing will usually be completed within 24 hours. You will recieve an email of confirmation from us to indicate you are covered by Travel Insurance. If you have not received this email or been contacted by us within 48 hours you are not covered and will need to Contact Us

How long does it take to issue a policy?
The normal Processing of the Travel Insurance applications will be completed within 1 hour of receipt of the application to our office. Where a pre-existing medical condition needs to be assessed, please be aware that a response from the Insurer can take up to 48 hours

Can you recommend the best insurance for me?
We cannot recommend which Travel Insurance you should purchase. We can however help you to understand the different types of Insurance that are available and the benefits of each. This will give you all the information required for you to purchase your Insurance.

I found the same/ a similar product on another site. Can you match or better their price?
We have a very close relationship with our insurers. They can be flexible with their prices meaning that we can be flixible with ours. Send us the details of the insurance you have found and we will do our best to get you our product at as good a price or better.


Policy Extras
What is the excess on a Travel Insurance Policy?
Most Travel Insurance related claims involve the traveller paying a nominated fee at the commencement of each claim.

Can I buy out the excess on a policy?
Most International policies allow for exess buyout. But because we offer policies from a number of different travel insurance agents you must check the Policy Wording for full information on the amount.(usually between $15.00-$30.00)

What other Extras can I buy for my Cheap Travel Insurance Policy?
Depending on the Travel Insurance you are purchasing and the Insurer that you are buying from there are a variety of additional Extras that you can purchase. These include Increasing Rental Vehicle Insurance, Snowbaording Cover, purchasing Extra cover on Specified Items such as laptops and phones, and Excess buyout.


Travel Insurance Claims
What happens if i need to make a claim? I went on my trip and have to make a claim. How do i do this Go to our Travel Insurance Claims page and you will find the contact details needed to contact the Insurer to proceed with your claim.


Fees and Charges
What Fees and Charges are associated with my policy?
We do not charge any Fees for processing your Australia Travel Insurance application or for processing your Aged Traveller or Sick Forms.


Pre Exisiting Medical Conditions
Who determines the amount of medical cover offered to travellers?
The limit is set by the underwriters who determine the cover required for each zone in the world.
If you want the highest cover eg unlimited medical, you can purchase the top insurance plan regardless of where you are travelling.


Cancellations and Policy Changes
What if the policy I have purchased isn't what I really required?
If you realise that you have purchased the wrong plan that is not suitable for your travelling needs, and your journey has not commenced we will do our best to work through the problem and upgrade/downgrade the policy to your travelling requirements.
Even after you have purchased your policy, you do have a cooling off period/money back guarantee rights. Please see the policy document.

What if I change my mind about my Travel Insurance Policy?
Most insurers offer a 14 day cooling off period. We will do our best to help you recover the cost of your insurance after this time period, however it is at the Insurers disgression to refund your money. Contact Us to organise a refund of your Travel Insurance Policy.


Policy Renewals
I am already overseas can I extend my policy?
Extension of most policies can be provided if original policy has not expired.Normal maximum for travel insurance is one year
You need to Contact Us and we will help to organise an extension to your policy.
If your policy has expired you will need to purchase a new Travel Insurance policy using our Cheap Travel Insurance finder.

Renember that if you originally brought your policy from us you are entitled to a 5% discount using your discount code. If you have forgotten this code, please Contact Us and we will locate it for you.


Contact Us
What is the best way for me to contact you?
We are contactable by phone, email and fax. Email is a good way to contact us because we have more time to address the problem and provide you with any answers you may need. However, any method you choose to use is fine by us. Visit our Contact Us page for our phone numbers, fax number and email addresses.

Where are you located?
Being a Travel Agency we trade out of a shop front in Canberra ACT Australia. These details are available on ourContact Us page.

What times are you open?
As a rule of thumb we trade from 9am-5:30pm EST. However we are inevitably in the office outside these hours and also check our fax machine on weekends to process any Travel Insurance policies that we may receive then.


Company Profile
Australia Travel Insurance is run by certified Australian Travel Insurance resellers. We sell Travel Insurance at discounted prices and offer personalised professional service second to none.

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